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First Place

That’s right, 1st place in Chicken Wings

Burn Baby Burn

by Dante Zuñiga-West

ew-5-2012-newsMonths ago we witnessed EWintern Andrew Hitz take the Hot Mama’s Wings Kamikaze Challenge and nearly hemorrhage. In an event that requires contestants to eat nine unreasonably spicy wings in six minutes, Hitz destroyed previous records by decimating all nine wings in two minutes and forty eight seconds. We were impressed.

But records are made to be broken. And as is the case with any sport, there is always someone somewhere who is better than you. No shame in that reality — there are monsters out there.

link to youtube videoJacob Keeton is a monster. Monday, May 14, he stomped Hitz’s achievement into the dust of forgotten things. He can handle spice in a way that defies human limits. He is the lone Hot Mama’s Wings Kamikaze Smackdown champion…more

Watch the YouTube video of all the action! Thanks to Casey Pechan for posting.

Flapping Delicious: Hot Mama’s is so much more than a wing joint

by Andy Valentine

chicken sandwich pictureWings. Hear that word and birds, angels, Paul McCartney and food is pretty much what comes to everyone’s mind, right?

It seems chicken wings have been a staple of barbeques, Super Bowls and southern restaurants since time began, so it’s only fitting that a new joint in Eugene called Hot Mama’s Wings…more

Best of Eugene 2011-2012: Eats

**Best New Restaurant**

**Best Place to Eat with Kids**

burger pictureBest of Eugene results

Alive and Kickin’ (and Tastes like Chicken): Hot Mama’s Wings Still Serves It Up Fat

by Andy Valentine

picture of dessertSince opening up shop in February, Hot Mama’s Wings has continued to develop into a thriving and vivacious business. Sitting down to eat for my second time since Mama’s debut night was quite a different experience; the place was less crowded, the service was quicker and the food tasted like chicken…more

One Hot Open Mic

by Dante Zuñiga-West

guitar playerFor nine years the Monroe Street Café hosted an open mic night that brought the west Eugene neighborhoods together as a community. When that joint closed down, the musicians, poets and performers who frequented the open mic each Wednesday night went searching for a new place to gather.

“Monroe Street (Café) had a family; when it shut down it felt like we were homeless,” says Emily Erickson, Monroe Street Café Open Mic night patron. The 20-something sits with her friends at the completely packed, recently opened Hot Mamas Wings on 13th Avenue. It is Monday night, and Hot Mamas Wings is hosting their fairly new weekly open mic; all of the old Monroe Street crowd…more

Best of Eugene 2011-2012 Nightlife: Best Open Mic

by the People of Eugene!

guitar playerCommunity, style and strong drinks are all that one can ask for in an open mic venue. Hot Mama’s delivers this and more.

Being at the Hot Mama’s open mic feels like you stepped into a laidback party where all of your friends have the guts to get up on the microphone and throw down something special. Owner Michael Marzano and open-mic master of ceremonies Sal Salvatore have teamed up to make this weekly event a staple in the neighborhood…more

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